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We at Fiddle Team USA are driven to give your child the best overal education of the violin/fiddle.  We are an advance school of Performance.  We educate your child in techniques that will help them overcome Stage Fright, Injuries, and Poor Sound quality.  While alo encouraging Confidence in their musicianship, building leadship, and lasting friendships.

Is it a surprise our students tend to win first place in  Talent Shows and Competitions?



Body Mechanics

Advanced Instrument Control

Learning how to control you instrument in under all posture circumstances will allow the performer to Move, Feel the music more, and entertain the audience in a way that makes the instrument even more versatile and entertaining.  What youth wants to sit still these days...  Violins can join the parades, bands, and even join the stage with Rock bands.

Body Maintenance

"A Healthy Body, is a Body that can perform under any circumstance"


Proper Body Maintenance has shown to provide healthier musicians.  When musicians take the time to Stretch and Limber up before practicing, concerts, or events; they reduce the stress on themselves and that stress relief will make a better sounding performance.  In the environment of our instruction the stretch time improves cooperation amongst the students and also give the students leadership opportunities as seen above.

Merit Based Program

"Being relaxed, at peace with yourself, confident, emotionally neutral, loose, and free-floating - these are the keys to successful performance in almost everything"


Team Levels will begin to be based on Merit points earned...  The more points you earn will decide if you are Fiddle Team I (10-points earned per yr) Fiddle Team II (20-points earned per yr) or the Leaders:  Fiddle team Extreme (40+ points earned per yr) ~ Members will be awarded insignia to show Team level on team uniform.

  • HOW TO GAIN MERIT POINTS:  1 point earned at every Fiddle Team performance, 2 points earned for every Solo performance with an audience of 10+, and here's how you can level up quickly... Fiddle Team members can host a practice at your home for members to practice together.  2 points for Host & 1 point for all who attend the practice. (3 or more is considered a team practice) If you get the entire team to participate, the host will be awarded an additional point... (potentially 3 points earned) & finally you can earn points for "Ambassadorship". Members can earn 2 points If you encourage other experienced violinists to join the Team. (They just need to be experienced enough to play "Star Spangled Banner" successfully upon audition) If you encourage someone who isn't skilled enough to pass the audition, use your expertise to help them pass the audition.

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