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Mr. Jeffrey Smith       

Instructor |Contemporary Violinist| Motivational Speaker | Director of Fiddle Team USA


Founded in 2000, Fiddle Team USA is the first school of violin performance in America.  Jeffrey had a unique vision of the instrument and its teaching which broke down the barriers between the Fiddle and the Classical Violin, while also creating outlets for his students with emotional issues. His unique school captured the attention of PBS, numerous News Journals, and even a documentary on the impact his program had on the community.   Jeffrey, also known as Mr. Jeff, created the term “Fiddlinist”, which encompasses all styles from classical techniques to contemporary stylizations, which his students proudly show off.  Students are taught more than just violin in his program.  They are taught quality of technique & team work , leadership, choreography, body mechanics and preventative treatment, sight reading, ear training, along with a unique blend of techniques. 


Jeffrey’s program has been presented on an International platform through instructional videos, seminars, presentations, and media.  Even Mark O’Connor, Fiddle legend, met some of his students in 2004 and was very impressed with the Fiddle team USA program and the term “Fiddlinist”.   He also hosted “Fiddle Camp 2005” which included instructors from many different styles of playing.


Mr. Jeff’s program has touched the hearts of the community by working with many organizations in healthcare from troubled teens to Alzheimer’s patients.  He has worked with students ranging from 5 years olds up to students in their 80’s.  His students have performed at numerous festivals throughout the US and even at Disney World.   With nearly 20 years of teaching and performing experience, Jeffrey Smith’s program had a huge impact on the Central Florida community and we are honored for his program to restart in Knoxville TN.


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Featured Violinist in:

Hole to Nowhere - Rock Song

Barefoot Travels - Featured Violinist (Melodic Composer)

Instructor &
Recording Artist / Composer
The Swann
Getting Close
Cabin Fever
Jazz Quarantine

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